Advanced technology that simplifies Home Automation in the Bay Area

Use a whole home controller With over 53 years of industry experience, Pro Home Systems is dedicated to our bay area community and provide top notch home theater installation.

If each family member has their own agenda, the home automation system integrates audio, video and lighting control systems for multiple users. Pro Home Systems can also integrate your home’s existing technologies, which may include, your pool, spa or HVAC into the automation system for your convenience.

When you contact our experts, we will explain the home automation system to you in detail, including, the various operating control systems.

  • Advanced LCD
  • Infrared
  • Hard wired keypad
  • RF wireless
  • Relay switching

With a selection of home automation brands, our technician will offer recommendations, which will give you the freedom to integrate your home at your leisure.

  • Crestron • Extron
  • Matrix • RTI remote controls
  • Universal remotes • Xantech

Total home technology gives you custom control.

Pro Home Systems can also integrate your home’s technology, including, audio, video, lighting and temperature control system, which can be controlled from one remote, touch pad or customized keypad for your convenience.

A multi-faceted communication network.

Control your home from your bedroom.Communication devices, including, digital phones, fax machines and wireless internet can divide and silence a household for several hours, or even a full 24 hour period. With Pro Home System’s communication system, which encompasses telephone, intercom and network systems, your entire home can remain integrated, while staying connected to their own devices.

Our technicians will listen your project needs and conduct a site survey, so they can offer recommendations to streamline your communication project. With simultaneous events occurring, Pro Home Systems can install multiple telephone and intercom systems, so you can contact anyone throughout the home without disrupting your own project. For complex networking scenarios, our team can configure your router with multiple hard wired and wireless devices.

Our technicians will review the features of each communication system with you.

  • Panasonic
  • Lucent
  • Cisco

Pro Home System is a leading professional in the Bay Area.

Integrating your home’s audio, video, lighting system, including, your home’s legacy devices within a home automation system is a simple solution for your home. Pro Home Systems is a long respected business in the bay area because our team’s first priority is focused on your customer satisfaction.

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