Pro Home Systems is a Leader in Home Theater Installation

Our creative team is excited to create your new home theater project. Our technicians can hear the excitement and passion in your voice, and we will listen to your desires first, then we will offer recommendations to elevate your home entertainment installation in the Bay Area.

With an array of speakers and video brands, we will explain the different variations and offer recommendations, which will meet your needs and exceed your entertainment desires.

Video Systems Speaker Systems

  • JVC • Artison & Canton
  • Marantz
  • Meridian/Faroudja • Dynaudio & Meridian
  • Pioneer Elite Plasma • Professional Home Cinema
  • Sharp • Rel Subwoofers & Snell
  • Sim2 • Totem & Triad
  • Stewart Filmscreen • Waterworks Acoustics

Custom Home Theater for Bay Area home owner.With a home theater system, the crisp, clean audio performance and a vibrant video presentation is a necessary duo to set the ambiance, and capture the mood in each scene. Our expertise will advise you on the optimum speaker, video performance and lighting that will surrender your senses to entertainment nirvana. By integrating your video and audio, you will be surrounded in entertainment bliss. Our dedicated skill and passion for creating the most immersive environment for your home makes us the best home theater installer in the Bay Area.

Video and audio is the core element, however, setting the perfect home theater vibe is a critical planning stage that you will want to incorporate. This planning phase concentrates on your comfort and atmosphere. To escalate your entertainment euphoria, we can install a motorized screen and drapes to set the theater mood. For your comfort and superior sound dynamics, our experts can install premier theater seating by Salamander Designs and components, which will absorb, deflect and diffuse the audio environment. Ultimately, your comfort is a primary element to your entertainment experience.

Our customer service & technical expertise is second to none.

Before our technician begins creating your home theater dream into a reality, Pro Home Systems will present you with a calculated estimate, and review the entire project with you. If you have any concerns, our team will answer your questions and address your concerns. If you decide to incorporate any project changes, our technicians understand that your creativity is in constant motion. Pro Home Systems is dedicated to your Bay Area home theater development, including, every specific detail that will deliver a spectacular experience in your home theater system.

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